SamTech solutions are now SIGFOX Ready™

SamTech launches the first smart solution in the Middle East by integrating with the Sigfox Internet of Things (IoT) Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network enabling low cost, reliable low power IoT applications

Dubai, UAE

SamTech Middle East, which specializes in Smart Tracking and Location Based Services and Internet of Things solutions, announced today the launch of the first solution platform in the Middle East to be integrated with the Sigfox network dedicated for Internet of things applications.

Sigfox based solutions that SamTech has integrated, enable clients to benefit from the low total cost of ownership as well as the low power devices and scalability that the Sigfox LPWA technology supports thus allowing the efficient deployment of a complete portfolio of Smart solutions to support Dubai’s vision as the smartest city in the world.

Mr. Samir Abdul Hadi, the Founder & CEO of SamTech said, “We are always looking to integrate the latest innovations and advanced technologies and networks that enable us to offer highly resilient and reliable services to address the requirements of our large and diverse client base. Through the integration of our smart solutions with the Sigfox network we are now well positioned to offer a diverse portfolio of IoT solutions while ensuring security as well as power and cost efficiency which are key challenges facing IoT projects today. We now have the solutions that support our clients’ requirements to address the huge opportunity in IoT.

Samir I. Abdul-Hadi, Founder and CEO SamTech

Samir I. Abdul-Hadi, Founder and CEO SamTech Middle East

The integration of SamTech’s smart solutions with the Sigfox IoT network enables the monitoring of pedestrians, motorcycles and cars and routing them to the best routes and avoid congested or hazardous roads. The analytics of the data created from these solutions can help traffic planning officials identify the transportation behavior of citizens throughout the city and help predict hotspots before they happen. Furthermore, the new technology enables the efficient and scalable deployment of Smart City solutions and end-to-end solutions in renewable energy, oil & and gas, water, electricity, healthcare and education.