Customers Testimonials

Satisfying customer needs and increasing business profits begins with a customer order and ends when a satisfied customer benefits from the product or service. Everything that happens in between should be driven by the single goal of adding value to the customer experience. Many businesses are missing out on revenue opportunities realized simply by streamlining operations of their fleet to better service customers. Our Smart Solutions help you coordinate all your mobile.

Smarttrace is the right solution for any company trying to monitor its fleet, it helped us to track, trace and monitor our vehicles and know where its exact location on real time and updated maps. We can also control the drivers speed especially that they know that they are monitored, it helped us also to measure the kilometers of the vehicle per day, not to mention the friendly attitude of the employees who understands our needs and help us to use the system more efficiently.

Nabil Suleiman, Logistics Director, McDonald's

We truly appreciate the assistance you are providing GTE and to your company’s effort in launching the new tracking system. Overall, it has been helping GTE operations specifically in controlling/managing the fleet (mapping), monitoring their fuel consumption hence reducing the cost (fuel logs and reports), and generating detailed reports.

Glaiza Cuento, Galadari Transport & Equipment Leasing LLC.

Smart Trace helped me to organize my files, get alerts for the maintenance due date, control the drivers, monitor the delay in vehicle departure and arrival times and all this lead to improve the productivity, eliminate paper work and maximize the use of the company’s assets.

Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Taj, Transport Supervisor