SamTech Middle East helps its clients to improve productivity up to 20 % every month

Every company in this side of the world is trying to improve their employees’ productivity, whether by creating new motivation plans or locking the distraction tools of the employees or applying smart solutions to control them, keeping in mind the company’s financial budget, for sure!! Another asset the company is concentrating on is the vehicles; since the company fleet is what really costing some organizations, SamTech offers its Business Partners the peace of mind and an economic priced solution.

du Telecom, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company was facing a problem in monitoring their vehicles movements and drivers’ actions, the drivers were always late in reaching the client places and every time they were giving different reasons to their supervisors and most of the time the reasons weren’t true. This was the major problem for Mr. Abilash, Transport Supervisor in du Telecom.

“I am not able to monitor the drivers, they are arriving very late, they are not giving their exact location, I am not been able to control the fuel bills and above all that I have the office work and the paper work to manage the vehicles; the registration expiry date and other maintenance reports.” Mr Abilash said.

Du Telecom understood that by investing in the right technology, it could reduce its overhead, improve productivity, and get more accurate schedules (picking up/dropping off technicians). But it didn’t realize just how much. Once it installed SmartTrace in all its vehicles, it discovered that its initial calculations of savings had been greatly underestimated.

Prior to applying SmartTrace tracking system, the company had no way of knowing whether drivers were leaving home on time, reaching the client at the right time, were they using the shortest route or the longest one. With SmartTrace installed, Mr. Abilash could run a report in few seconds that provided a detailed rundown for each vehicle activity, the ignition on/off time, the route driven,,, etc. they could also forward a print screen from the system to their clients updating them about their shipments position.

“The Activity Report in SmartTrace is the one I use the most – I’m looking for the time of ignition on in the morning, the time he reached the clients, at what time he left, was he late due to traffic or driving the longest route” Abilash said. “If any driver was late I will have an evidence to show him and evaluate him in the end of the month” he added.

As soon as Activity Report began to be monitored, du Telecom sensed the difference in the drivers’ attitude and actions. The Management was surprised by productivity improvement; they were able to maximize it to 10%. One major area of Activity is fuel consumption, an instance occurred when one driver took longer path to reach one client because he woke up late and he needed to run away from traffic. Drivers are now obligated to wake up early and start their plan on a certain time to avoid traffic and to stay within the time line which is set for them. And they know that they are been watched by their managers.

As a result of paying close attention to the Activity report, the company has maximized the accuracy of the schedule by 20% per vehicle. This directly translates into a substantial fuel savings.

Another way the company has successfully slashed diesel consumption is through improved routing. According to Mr. Abilash, it used to be impossible to determine if drivers took the most direct routes. Once SmartTrace was implemented, he was shocked to discover that many preferred the scenic route instead of the highway. This added up to around 20 minutes per day per driver, sometimes a lot more.

“Instead of going from A to C to D and then to B, now with SmartTrace drivers starts the trip from the company’s parking, then they are moving from A directly to B,” said Abilash. “This has saved us an average of 20 kilometers per vehicle per day through improved routing.”

Speeding, too, is a sure route to inflated fuel bills. SmartTrace reports helped du Telecom to comprehensively address this issue. These are printed out with red flags to indicate any vehicle traveling more than 80 km/hr. This feature of the software highlighted the fact that some drivers are over speeding. The company engaged such drivers in a training to raise their awareness of the risks of over speeding.

Today, Transport Supervisor can see at a glance which driver is speeding, how often and for how long. The system makes it easy to differentiate between someone traveling above 80 km/hr for two minutes as opposed to traveling at high speeds continuously.

“This speed monitoring feature of SmartTrace has really helped to slow the drivers down and consequently has contributed to our reduced fuel costs,” said Abilash “Drivers know I watch their speed, and I even get some calling me up to ask how fast the system says they are going.”

SmartTrace helped me to organize my files, get alerts for the maintenance due date, control the drivers, monitor the delay in vehicle departure and arrival times and all this lead to improve the productivity, eliminate paper work and maximize the use of the company’s assets.” Abilash said.