Metro Dubai follows The Smart Way

Metro Dubai follows the smart way … Smarttrace™

Many companies are taking drastic measures to survive the financial situation. Some are cutting back on administrative personnel, taking aging trucks off the road or even turning away business they deem less profitable.

Metro Dubai is taking a different approach. Instead of cutting back and hoping for the best, they invested to improve their efficiency and significantly reduce the vehicle operating costs. They achieved this via the Smarttrace™ GPS Vehicle Tracking System, which they installed on their assets.

“We had mainly two objectives when we opted for a fleet management system. Firstly, to send the nearest tanker to a call for unscheduled diesel delivery and secondly, to have the tanker teams aware that we could not only call on the drivers mobile but also see them remotely where they are in Dubai. And this was exactly what Smarttrace™ GPS Vehicle Tracking System provided us if not more.” Said Mr. Graham Larkin, Plant Manager at Metro Dubai on 25-Jan-2010.

Metro Dubai started with installing Smarttrace™ in their plant department vehicles. During the initial phase, they discovered that its initial calculations of savings had been greatly underestimated. “The initial phase was so successful that the system was installed on a further forty key vehicles, these included the eleven traffic director trucks for utilities and the Station Context Planning team, mechanic trucks, transporters and boom trucks and some dump trucks.” said Mr.Larkin.

One of the main problems that Metro Dubai faced was unauthorized trips using company vehicles.

“There were many instances reported where the company vehicles was taken for joy rides or shopping or other uses at night. Such incidents completely came to a halt once it was demonstrated to the driver that they are being tracked and recorded 24/7 wherever they went.” said Mr. Larkin.

They educated their drivers about the system and demonstrated for them what is achievable with it. This made the drivers aware about the fact that they are being monitored by their supervisors all day long.

“At no time did we hide the system from our drivers in fact we made a point of making sure that they knew about the system. Our point was to deter and prevent rather than catch persons.” said Mr. Larkin.

Metro Dubai used the Geofence Alert extensively. It was set up to enclose the project area and if any vehicle enters or exits the fenced area an immediate alert is sent via e-mail to the concerned person to alert that a vehicle is perhaps not where it should be. By this feature they were immediately alerted about any violation and necessary action could be taken instantly.

“The service itself did everything we required of it – one of our main aims was to deter people using the vehicles for private use and being out of the proper area. The email alert system worked very well and the result was (after the drivers realized we knew where they were) no infringements of company rules.” said Mr. Larkin.