Ajman University

SamTech Middle East with its Smart Trace solution did help clients to maximize the safety and security of its stakeholders.

Every company do its best to guarantee the health and safety of its employees are up to the maximum level, whether by implementing preventive policies and procedures or acquiring solutions to help them do that.

Accidents are happening more often these days, drivers acting crazily on road causing physical damage to themselves and the passengers on board. Educating the drivers may be an option but can’t guarantee drivers’ behaviors.

Ajman University of Science and Technology is an esteemed educational institution in Ajman, UAE, providing the community with distinguished graduates capable of handling modern technologies and integrating them in their professional occupations. It offers its students pick up/drop off service from their home to university and vice versa. The drivers were found misbehaving sometimes on road; driving fast, coming late to duty and that caused increasing late ratio in students’ records.

Hereby where SamTech and Smart Trace comes in!! SamTech offers the market a smart solution to ensure that safety and security of your drivers and passengers are in the technology hand. “Ajman University” was a live example for this need; it aims to secure the drivers and the students during the trip from university to home and vice versa.

Smart Trace gave Ajman University a full control over the bus fleet; it helped them to monitor the drivers, to guarantee a safe and secure trip for the students during their trip. Speeding was a problem, too, Smart Trace solution reports helped Ajman University to comprehensively address this issue. These are printed out with red flags to indicate any vehicle traveling more than 80 km/hr. This feature of the software highlighted the fact that some drivers are over speeding. The university engaged such drivers in a training to raise their awareness of the risks of over speeding.

Today, Transport Supervisor can see at a glance which driver is speeding, how often and for how long. The system makes it easy to differentiate between someone traveling above 80 km/hr for two minutes as opposed to traveling at high speeds continuously.

It also emphasized the position of the university among the other universities as such solution gave them a competitive advantage that is aligned with its objectives.

“Safety and Security is our main goal when we installed this solution; Smart Trace gave us the ability to track, trace, monitor and secure our drivers, students, mobile assets while sitting in our cooled offices.” Transport Supervisor.