smart trace

Trace, track, manage and stay efficient!

By using our Smarttrace™ Solution, you save time and money and enhance the operations and maintenance of your fleets, simply and proficiently. Smart Trace serves all kind of industries, where vehicles efficiency is very important.

So what exactly Smarttrace™ Locator is?

Smarttrace™ Wireless Locator is a small hardware device that can be installed in any vehicle, (car, motorcycle, truck… etc.) so that only optimal utilization of your delivery vehicle is undertaken.

Smarttrace™ offers you so many features:

  1. Fleet Location
  2. Activity Reports
  3. Nearest Location
  4. Schedule Adherence
  5. Cargo Safety
  6. Employee Safety
  7. Routing
  8. Quick scheduling
  9. Constant communication
  10. Limited Voice Communication
  11. Paperless Communication
  12. Proof of Delivery
  13. Satellite Navigation
  14. Vehicle Maintenance and Performance
  15. Driver’s Performance

Main benefits from this solution are:

  1. Deploy the latest Technology.
  2. Maximize the use of your assets.
  3. Enhance Security and Safety of Staff and Goods.
  4. Reduce Operational Costs.
  5. Improve Cash Flow and Delivery Efficiency.
  6. Increase Profitability and Productivity.
  7. Optimize Scheduling.
  8. Eliminate manual paperwork.
  9. Delight Customers and Shareholders.
  10. Effective Transportation Management.