Offenders Tracking

With Smart Offenders Tracking, we can ensure the safety and security of the community.

Smart Offenders Tracking™ key features:

  1. View offender tracking data using state of art Aerial and 3D maps
  2. Assign offender tracking device and supervision level with the click of a mouse (No phone call required)
  3. Enter and modify offender information- Enroll/Schedules/Temporary Schedules
  4. Communicate with offender
  5. Create Standard, Free-Form, Route and Global Zones
  6. Manage, address and document all alerts and actions taken by officers- Case Management
  7. View violations status of offenders in a color coded format- Offender Monitor
  8. Query system for detailed reports and program information- SMART® Reports
  9. Ability to search for GPS points of all tracked offenders- Point Trax™
  10. View one or multiple offenders on a single mapping screen-OFFENDER Trax™
  11. Inventory control and management