Job Management

Relax in office and manage your workflow remotely!!

As a Transport Manager, you want to make your transportation and logistics more flexible and for sure, you want to have an efficient work force! With Smart Job Management™ Solution you have the right solution to monitor online your workflow; trip monitoring, trip status, temperature monitoring… etc.

So, what is Smart Job Management™ exactly?

The Smart Job Management™ Solution is the ideal comprehensive solution that eliminates all the complexities in Transportation and Logistics industry. Being fully automated management and dispatch software, it fulfills all your requirements regarding dispatching, invoicing, scheduling, container logistics and route optimization.

Smart Job Management™ Solution offers so many features;

  1.   Fully automated dispatching software
  2. Logistics and Transportation industry Software
  3. Dispatching, invoicing, settlements and scheduling modules
  4. Central administration and Command interface

You can get the below benefits from Smart Job Management™ Solution:

  1. Solutions at your finger tip for all transportation related complexities.
  2. Maximize the discipline of your workforce.
  3. Better control and visibility over the entire process.
  4. Increase profitability by proper scheduling and planning.
  5. Efficient work force through route optimization utilization.
  6. Enable quick decision making.
  7. Assure prompt service.
  8. Maximize resource utilization.