Jet Ski

Conquer the sea and stay connected

Sure, it’s fun to get on a Jet Ski and just go! What’s not fun is toppling over in the waters and getting lost or forgotten, while leaving no one else able to find you in the meantime!
The Smart Jet Ski™ device takes care of all your security concerns so you can enjoy your adventure but enjoy it safely.

So, what is Smart Jet Ski™ Solution exactly?

The Smart Jet Ski Locator is a compact and waterproof device that keeps track of every Jet Ski rider who uses it.

Smart Jet Ski™ Solution offers so many features:

  1. Compact and Waterproof Device
  2. uses the Jet Ski main power source with 12 Volt battery
  3. Panic Button and GPS reader
  4. data GPRS SIM card which communicates with the system
  5. Reporting via Jet Ski location, speed, date via Geo-fencing
  6. Capability to retrieve the history of any Jet Ski activity

The main benefits are been provided by Smart Jet Ski™ Solution:

  1. Ensure high level of Security and Safety for Jet Ski rider in the middle of sea.
  2. A panic button is available in case of emergency to help identify the location of the rider wherever he/she might be.
  3. Electronic fences can be set to notify the operational center if a Jet Ski approached/departs from a restricted area.
  4. The history of any Jet Ski activity is recorded and can be retrieved for future data.