health care

This system will work as a comprehensive solution to monitor and control the patient’s health status, it also can help to dispatch the nearest ambulance in emergency cases.

Our Smart Health Care solution has been created for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive conditions, to deliver an innovative service providing the best level of protection to wearers, and reassurance to family and carers.

Elderly and people with cognitive conditions can experience distressing episodes of confusion, and may wander far from their home. Smart Health Care is designed to provide specific information about the user’s whereabouts. Shall the person encounter any emergency, they are able to press an emergency button which will call for help and send their coordinates to dispatch the nearest ambulance when needed.

Smart watch Features:

  1. Automatic time driven Geofences alarms
  2. Emergency button functions (alarm + call).
  3. High quality 2-way voice communication.
  4. Positioning RF/GSM/GPS (outdoor/indoor).
  5. Wrist watch with big clear color screen.
  6. Wireless charging (lockable, too).
  7. Waterproof.
  8. Dispatching and Ambulance fleet management.


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