SamTech Overview

We provide reliable GPS vehicle tracking solutions…

At SamTech Middle East we thrive on providing innovative and reliable GPS vehicle tracking solutions to corporations looking to further the success of their fleet vehicles and transportation assets. Our state-of-the-art software was developed by implementing years of experience and feedback from our industry partners. We offer a user friendly and seamless application that allows our partners to focus on what really matters, driving a positive Return On Investment (ROI).

For years, GPS tracking technology has proven to be convenient, useful and vital tool to a number of organizations throughout the world. As the popularity and adaptability of GPS technology continues to grow, significant uses for GPS technology have also increased, especially among companies in the business of moving or transporting goods, people and/or services. Many companies have eagerly digested and sought GPS technologies through Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solutions to track a vital and expensive company asset, their vehicle fleet. However, existing providers of AVL solutions/fleet management have approached the industry with a focus on the GPS hardware, and have neglected the necessity of accompanying hardware with telematics software.

Our solutions are innovative and easy to use, with a user-friendly Internet web interface. We take great pride in our competitive services and installation as well as our unrivaled execution. Our system integrates GPS, wireless technologies and the Internet to increase asset efficiency and safety objectives. It reduces operating costs and improves customer service for companies across UAE and the GCC.

Due to the consistent demand for a robust, comprehensive and user-friendly integrated fleet management tool, SamTech Middle East has created a single-source fleet management software solution. Our solutions have been designed with the end-user in mind. It allows corporations the ability to integrate with their customers’ current and future software infrastructure solutions. At SamTech, our main focus is to provide our customers with a solution and a business model that allow our customers the opportunities to take full advantage of the newest Internet-based technologies and to capitalize on current market trends in fleet management technologies.

SamTech Timeline:

SamTech was established 2003 in Dubai Knowledge Village as a training company to introduce the Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions in UAE and raise awareness of its benefits and advantages.

In 2005, SamTech moved its offices to Dubai Internet City (DIC) and started providing its solutions to different customers such as: Government Bodies, Security, Distribution, Service, Transportation, Logistics, Courier Service, Postal Service, Construction, Delivery Services, Personal and Automotive. Generally, any industry that has a fleet of vehicles where time, productivity and efficient fleet utilization are critical for their industry and bottom line.

In 2010, SamTech has developed it is own comprehensive system; Hardware and Software.

In 2011, it was ranked 18 out of the best 100 Small and Medium Enterprises in Dubai.

In 2012, SamTech was ranked number 19 out of the 500 Fastest Growing Companies in Middle East (Arabia 500), by All World Network.

In 2013, SamTech achieved the ISO 9001:2008 for “Design, Develop, Installation, Testing and After sales Services related to Vehicle Monitoring System”  and later it was ranked 16 out of the best 100 Small and Medium Enterprises in Dubai.

Early this year SamTech was awarded by the Dubai Chamber with the CSR Label which intends to formally recognize the company’s CSR initiatives and practices.

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