• Smarttrace™
    Trace, track, manage and stay efficient! By using our Smarttrace™ Solution, you save time and mon
  • Smart School Bus™
    Your mind at ease with Smart School Bus™ when your child is at school! As a parent, safety is a
  • Smart Jet Ski™
    Conquer the sea and stay connected Sure, it’s fun to get on a Jet Ski and just go! What’s not
  • Smart Job Management™
    Relax in office and manage your workflow remotely!! As a Transport Manager, you want to make your
  • Smart Waste Management™
    Green Community for Responsible Society Our  integrated solution combines Location Based Services
  • Smart Offenders Tracking™
    With Smart Offenders Tracking, we can ensure the safety and security of the community. Smart Offend
  • Smart Health Care™
    This system will work as a comprehensive solution to monitor and control the patient's health status

Installing data devices could reduce car insurance premiums in UAE

To reduce the cost of vehicle insurance, car owners and fleet managers could consider fitting their vehicles with monitors for speeding and erratic driving. That is the advice of a British security consultant who had worked for the Kent police. Journey data loggers record speed, the use of lights and indicators and other driving patterns, allowing motorists who drive safely to reduce their car insurance premiums. A sensor or accelerator can be programmed to flag excessive force in braking, acceleration or on impact. “I drive a lot in the UAE and get tired of the aggressive driving style everyone uses here,” said Robert Rowles, 38, who now works in Dubai. “And any braking space I leave between my car and the one in front is often...

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Our Vision: As the technology leader and pioneer in the market, our vision is to be the region’s most trusted and environmentally conscious solutions provider of Fleet Management and Intelligent Wireless Tracking systems. We efficiently ensure the security and safety of our nation and its allies while defining the future of innovation and smart solutions from the Middle East to the rest of th.. Read more..


Smart Trace is the right solution for any company trying to monitor its fleet, it helped us to track, trace and monitor our vehicles and know where its exact location on real time and updated maps. We can also control the drivers... Read more
Nabil Suleiman, Logistics Director, Mcdonald